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Estate and Special Needs Planning:

Your estate plan consists of everything you own.  My clients come to me to make arrangements for their family’s future if something should happen to them, to make certain their loved ones are provided for, and to ensure that their assets go where the client wants them to go.  Accomplishing this goal using wills, trusts, and beneficiary designations are just a few options available.


If you have a child or loved one with a disability, or a chronic or acquired illness, there are raised concerns with their ability to be financially secure and independent as an adult.  Special needs planning is critical to preserving funds, such as an inheritance for a child, in a manner that will not result in losing means-tested government benefits, typically Medicaid or Supplemental Security Income (SSI).


Ohio has a strong third-party trust option called a wholly discretionary trust for parents or anyone creating a trust for a disabled individual.  Additionally, there are other state and federal trusts available depending upon the needs of the family and child.

Probate, Estate and Trust Administration:

The burdens of probate, estate and trust administration can be difficult, since this area of my practice typically occurs after the death of a loved one. I represent and counsel executors and trustees in managing a probate estate or trust administration, being certain to meet deadlines and comply with notices and procedures.  My experience extends to several counties in central and northeast Ohio. 

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Small Business and Nonprofits:

Clients choosing to start their own business want to turn their idea or passion into their life’s work.  I work with entrepreneurs in business formation, protecting personal assets (home, personal belongings) from potential creditors, developing contracts and other documents to protect their business, to counseling on applicable laws.  Whether you want to form your own home-based food business, your own small manufacturing company, or any number of ventures, I have expertise in business formation, asset protection, minimizing liability, and business succession planning.

I provide experienced counsel to nonprofit organizations of any size, in any stage of formation.  My goal with nonprofit clients is to provide the legal expertise necessary for them to maintain their focus on their mission.  My experience involves forming and representing 501c3 nonprofit organizations, trade associations, 501c4 social welfare organizations, and churches.  Legal expertise extends beyond formation into changing tax-exempt status; board governance and board disputes; minimizing liability through solid contract, waiver and release preparation; and counseling on applicable laws.

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Estate and Special Needs
Small Business
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